A place to Begin

Begin Counseling exists to expand trauma-specialized counseling services in our community. At Begin, we are your trusted guide through dark times. Things will get better.

Trauma-specialized therapy

Begin Counseling is expanding trauma-specialized counseling in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and surrounding areas.

Begin increases access to culturally competent trauma treatment for first responders. We understand the unique challenges first responders and their families face at work and at home. We prioritize confidentiality; you can have peace of mind that your counseling experience will be private and protected.

Begin is a place for individuals, families, and children affected by trauma to receive treatment and thrive in their roles and responsibilities.

be·gin (verb)
start, launch, tackle, initiate, set in motion

Our values

We value those who protect, serve, and care for our community.
We value human resiliency.
We value people being made in the image of God, imperfect yet remarkable.
We value genuine connection.  
We value professional enhancement and excellence.

Are you ready to Begin?

As an individual willing to address the ways your experiences, career, or circumstances (past or present) are affecting you, you change the trajectory of your life, impacting generations.

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